Helping organisations acquire the skills they need to succeed.

Obscurant is a focused, practical, hands-on skills-acquisition consultancy which helps organisations to build a workforce that’s aligned to business goals – those of both today and of tomorrow.

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We make the obscure clear; we enable progress – we are Obscurant. We enable organisations to build and develop effective teams at all levels. Our ethos is that by hiring better people and by training people to be better still, we can create companies of giants. We are available for projects and interim assignments, both in the UK and worldwide.

  • talent management

    Talent management

    Helping organisations to plan how they can best align people, and teams, with their business goals.

  • consulting


    Delivering skills-acquisition expertise and management bandwidth when and where it’s needed.

  • training


    Transforming people, boosting skills, to help organisations become more efficient, effective and competitive.

Talent management

Aligning people and teams with business goals

talent management

For too long, organisations’ skills-acquisition strategies have been reactive – responding to emerging needs, often just in time. Although the training still delivers benefits, it enslaves the organisation into the mindset of being a follower; a mindset where training simply fixes problems instead of trailblazing new destinies. We help organisations to plan their headcount and skills requirements to prepare for the future – to proactively manage their teams, to build a business that has the skills needed to succeed when the business needs them.


Helping organisations resolve skills-acquisition challenges

There are times when you need an outside view. It might be for an extra pair of hands, an objective viewpoint or to exploit experience that the in-house team lacks. That’s when Obscurant can help. We have extensive experience across a wide spectrum of skills-acquisition activities, from the tactical to the strategic – encompassing everything from recruitment to training. We can provide your business with that boost of experience it needs – helping you to achieve your goals faster, in fewer stages, while avoiding costly missteps.



Transforming the performance of your people


Properly targeted, effective training can alter the fortunes of a company – driving it towards greater efficiency and profitability. We’re adept at helping organisations with every aspect of their training – from developing a powerful training strategy to putting in place pre-employment training programmes for new starters. We have a proven track record of helping organisations within many sectors, enabling them to understand their skills needs and then implement training programmes which put those skills in place.

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